Month: March 2021

091: NFL Deals and the Streaming Landscape

The last two weeks saw new details for the upcoming AVOD version of HBO Max, Disney+ hit a new milestone, Netflix cracking down on password sharing, and some major sports deals that change the landscape of the streaming services. And what do we swear off covering in the future? Listen to find out on the…

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090: Paramount+ First Thoughts

Paramount+ has launched and Dustin gives his first thoughts on the service. Is it worth the money? Is there enough content to make people stay using it after the trials and discounts expire? Find all about it and more from the past week’s worth of news from the world of streaming. News Rundown Netflix: Netflix…

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089: Paramount+ Details

The past two weeks have brought a ton of info on the latest addition to the Streaming Wars, Paramount+. How much will it cost? What will it offer? Find out all about it and the other big news from the world of streaming. News Rundown Netflix: Wednesday Addams Live-Action Series From Tim Burton Ordered By…

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