After a week off, the sho is back with a bunch of new subscriber counts for a variety of different services. The other big news from the past two weeks was that WarnerMedia is creating a new film division called WarnerMax which will be creating films for HBO Max. What does that mean for the studio as a whole and how does it create potential concerns for investors? Find out all about it and more as Tony and Dustin cover everything from the past two weeks for your favorite streaming services.

News Topics:
YouTube TV tops 2 million subscribers:
Disney+ has over 28 million subscribers:
Disney+ announces planned India rollout:
Hulu is targeting 2021 for international rollout:
HBO Max announces film production arm for service called Warner Max:
Netflix adds the feature to stop autoplay:
Netflix extends deal with Liberty Global:
Sony Pictures TV chairman jumps to Amazon:
Tubi claims 25 million users for service:
Redbox launches ad-supported streaming service:

Analyst estimates only 10% of eligible customers are using free subscription for Apple TV+:
Disney is not worried about churn from lack of high profile show:
WarnerMedia shifts focus to producing shows for online rather than traditional cable:

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