charter spectrum

084: HBO Max/Amazon Deal Details

Another week and more sports deals are in place for streaming services. That news takes a backseat to the news of Roku’s new active user number along with details from the HBO Max and Amazon deal to bring the service to Fire devices. The episode rounds out with a discussion regarding the importance of movies…

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051: HBO Max Launch Details

HBO Max has announced more details for their launch next month including the date the service will be available and the original content that will be included on that date. Elsewhere, Vudu has a new owner and Apple has a bigger market share when it comes to the streaming wars than Tony and Dustin expected….

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027: What is the Main Problem for Cable Companies?

As we begin our holiday break, the first topic we cover was an unexpected one. A certain quote was made by the CEO of Charter Spectrum during an investor call that really started a discussion between Tony and Dustin. So they decided to make it one of the points to discuss over the next two…

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