008: Disney Bans Netflix and What is Quibi?

The time has come for the show to jump to the present and start covering current events in the great battle between all of the new and existing services. This week the big news seemed to be Disney banning Netflix ads on their platforms. Is it really as big of a deal as everyone seems…

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002: Current State of Netflix

As we start our first deep dive into the companies behind the services, Netflix takes the focus. Netflix has more subscribers than any other existing service at this point and also has a pretty big lead on all of the new services launching soon. What does that mean for the future of Netflix? How does…

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001: What is the Streaming Wars?

Join Tony and Dustin as they cover the latest happenings in the Streaming Wars. A podcast that dives deep into tech news, press releases, and quarterly financial statements to detail how each company is approaching their streaming service. In this first episode, learn about who the hosts are and what the show is all about….

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