It has been a busy news week regarding everything happening in the world. However, the entertainment industry and streaming more specifically is having its own reaction. Tony and Dustin are here to break down the small amount of news from the past week and discuss what the current worldwide pandemic means for the world of streaming. Stick around until the end for some suggestions of shows that you should check out on a variety of services to help fill up the extra time you may have in the coming weeks.

News Rundown
Netflix announces a huge slate of documentaries coming to the service this year:
Netflix and Hulu will share streaming rights to ‘Community’:

Prime Video:
Docuseries following the French PSG soccer team commissioned at Prime Video:

Apple TV+:
Beastie Boys film postpones theatrical run; streaming premiere undisrupted:

New execs named within Disney which will impact streaming:
New music/dance-focused film ‘Spin’ in development:

Comedy series ‘We’re Never Getting Married’ in development at Quibi:

HBO Max:
Julia Child drama gets pilot order at HBO Max:

Other Streaming Providers:
Pluto TV reveals content partnerships for Latina America launch:
Movies Anywhere launches a new feature to allow certain films to be shared:
Fox officially buys Tubi for $440 million:

Main Discussion-Coronavirus and Streaming:

Fight Like a Girl on Quibi (04/2020):
How to a Fix a Drug Scandal on Netflix (04/01/20):
Disney Insider on Disney+ (03/20/20):
50 States of Fright on Quibi (04/20):
The Midnight Gospel on Netflix (04/20/20):
Upload on Prime Video (05/01/20):
Deadwater Fall on Acorn TV (04/06/20):
Bosch S6 on Prime Video (04/17/20):
Reno911 on Quibi (???):
Dishmantled on Quibi (04/2020):
7Seeds Part 2 on Netflix (03/26/20):

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