Another week has passed and the focus continues to be the effects on the streaming industry as the coronavirus continues to put more people in lockdown. What are the latest films breaking the theatrical windows? Why is the European Union asking major providers to reduce the quality of content seen by customers? All of that and more as Tony and Dustin discuss all the latest updates and get to a secondary discussion regarding companies divesting stakes to potentially fund their streaming services.

News Rundown
Prime Video:
Prime Video now offers viewer profiles:

Hulu launches on Xfinity Flex:

Apple TV+:
Oprah tackles COVID-19 with free Apple TV+ series:

Disney+ launch delayed in India:
Disney+ launch delayed to April 7 in France:
Disney+ launches in most of Europe:

T-Mobile’s Quibi offer will be available to customers with more than one line:

Other Streaming Providers:
fuboTV announces merger with FaceBank:

Main Discussion-Coronavirus Updates:
Streaming Quality Reduced in Europe:
Content Early Release Updates:
Hollywood’s reaction to theatrical window breaking:
Production Delays:
Prime Video offers free children’s programming during crisis:

Secondary Discussion:
Companies are quietly divesting in smaller stakes to fund streaming services:

Tower of God on Crunchyroll (04/01/20):
A Celebration of the Music from Coco on Disney+ (04/10/20):
Murder House Flip on Quibi (04/2020):
Nailed It! S4 on Netflix (04/01/20):
Masameer: The Movie on Netflix (03/19/20):
Never Have I Ever on Netflix (04/27/20):
Harley Quinn S2 on DC Universe (04/03/20):
#FreeRayshawn on Quibi (04/2020):
Katana Maidens ~ Tomoshibi on Crunchyroll (2020):
Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 on Netflix (04/23/20):
The Slime Diaries on Crunchyroll (01/2021):
That Time I Got Reincarnated as Slime S2 on Crunchyroll (10/2020):
Love 101 on Netflix (04/21/20):
The Willoughbys on Netflix (04/22/20):
Survive on Quibi (04/2020):
The Great on Hulu (05/15/20):
Yelawolf: A Slumerican Life on Crackle (04/09/20):
Money Heist Part 4 on Netflix (04/03/20):
Dead Still on Acorn TV (Spring 2020):

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