The world has much more important things to worry about than streaming services so it was a light news week. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have some great topics to discuss. We cover the disconnect between the tech journalists and the business analysts in their reviews of HBO Max. We also discuss the importance of Roku in making HBO Max successful and how the Amazon deal isn’t as important. Finally, we wrap the episode up talking about DC content on HBO Max and the future of DC Universe.

News Rundown
Netflix lands global streaming rights to Australian series ‘Alien TV’:

Prime Video:
Amazon plans to make Premier games free when the season resumes:

‘We Are Freestyle Love Supreme’ postpones release at Hulu:

Apple TV+:
Apple hires former Amazon Head of Sports:
Could an Apple service bundle be in development:

‘Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge’ shifts to YouTube instead of originally planned Disney+:

Quibi execs take salary cuts due forgo layoffs:
Quibi staff may be upset about Reese Witherspoon’s ‘Fierce Queens’ payday:

Other Streaming Providers:
Roku’s growth makes them a force that can’t be ignored:

Main Discussion
HBO Max Reviews:

Secondary Discussion
HBO Max Content:

Sticks and Stones on BritBox (06/09/20):

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