089: Paramount+ Details

The past two weeks have brought a ton of info on the latest addition to the Streaming Wars, Paramount+. How much will it cost? What will it offer? Find out all about it and the other big news from the world of streaming. News Rundown Netflix: Wednesday Addams Live-Action Series From Tim Burton Ordered By…

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078: Niche Streaming’s Longevity

With all news pointed towards the election in the US, streaming mostly takes a back seat. However, there were still some new results for the latest quarter and some developments with some new recent data analysis. Join Tony and Dustin as they look at the last week’s news and some interesting analysis regarding the future…

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069: HBO Max-acre Fallout

It was another slow news week, but there were some things that popped up on the outskirts of the streaming world. As the fallout of the HBO Max-acre (name courtesy of Vulture) continues, there is new word that AT&T might be looking to sell DirecTV. What kind of impact does that have on the overall…

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