jack ryan

034: Content News from TCA

One week has passed and if you didn’t know the Television Critics Association held an event for the networks which meant there was plenty of content related news announced. So which service had the most news? Or which service had the best news? Find out as Dustin and Tony discuss all the latest content news…

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012: HBO Max’s Content Lineup and More

Even after our split of the show coverage, this week still brings a ton of news related to the content coming to the streaming services. With updates for Netflix, Disney+, and Quibi, the main bulk of the news is the content coming to HBO Max which was announced earlier this week. Dustin and Tony discuss…

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003: Current State of Amazon Prime Video

The second “Current State of” episode features a company that while in the streaming service business couldn’t be more different than the other companies. Amazon Prime Video is the focus this time around as Dustin and Tony discuss what makes this company so unique. What sets their model apart from Netflix? Can a service that…

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