058: Importance of Roku for HBO Max

The world has much more important things to worry about than streaming services so it was a light news week. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have some great topics to discuss. We cover the disconnect between the tech journalists and the business analysts in their reviews of HBO Max. We also discuss the importance…

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057: The Battle between HBO Max and Amazon

A week later and some are calling HBO Max’s launch a faliure. But is it? Tony and Dustin dive into the current war between Amazon and HBO Max and how it affects the overall momentum for WarnerMedia. They also take a look at the current spending spree at Apple TV+ and Quibi revamping their future…

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056: HBO Max First Reactions

HBO Max has arrived and while there is some other news happening right now, our main focus is the launch of HBO Max. Did the launch go on without a hitch? Was it worth the wait? What other questions did the launch answer? All of this and more as Dustin and Tony talk about the…

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